Corvette Engineering was by Mr.Herbert Yu the Hanaging Director and

Chief Executive of the company Mr Yu headed petroleum equipment and lubricant division in Gilman Company (subsidiary of lnchcape Group) for over 30 years,and started his own business in 1983.


The company is major in petroleum storage distribution and dispensing equipment,lubrication equipment,filling station equipment,auto motive workshop facilities (car lift,air compressor,ventilation,auto-car washing machine), LPG storage tank and VRSII equipment for dispenser,industrial painting equipment.Major clients include oil majors,another garage workshop,and container manufacturer in Hong Kong and China.


Our sales establishment include Hong Kong and China Dongguan Office as our representative in South China Future plan includes one in Shanghai Strictly speaking,we have limited exports.Our sales and marketing concentrate in Hong Kong and China.Future investment will be mainly directed to China.

The company is situated in two locations:

A1,600 sq.ft.for Sales & Administmtion at Kwai Fong,N.T.

A10,000sq.ft.for Service & Storage at Tsuen Wan,N.T.